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Our experience looks and feels like love, compassion, understanding, and education. We created a salon space that looks and feels like a salon that loves and enhances curly hair. Our focus is on you and your curly hair journey. We provide trademarked Radically Curly services and educate you along the way.

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The Radically Curly Experience


  • Curlscription


    Time: up to 1 hour

    Description: Looking for answers and not sure how to proceed with your radically curly hair? We will use this time to help you figure out what matters most to you for your hair and talk about how to get you closer to your goals. This is a one-on-one personal Curlscription® created for you. You will receive a written guideline to help you get on a path to healthy hair with us. We will be honest and let you know what products you need to invest in and what services we offer best for your hair. We look forward to guiding you on your journey.

  • 15 Min Free Consultation


    Time: up to 15 mins

    Description: Let’s talk about it in person. We will help you figure out what you want or need to schedule. This is a brief appointment and is handled in a timely manner.

  • Video Consultation


    Time: up to 15 mins

    Description: Perfect consultation for out-of-town clients who want to meet with their stylist to determine what service they need or want to book. This is video video-only consultation. We will text you at the time of the appointment and determine which video platform works best for you both. We usually use Instagram, Facebook, or Zoom.

Radically Curly Cut

  • Radically Curly Cut


    Time: 90-120 mins

    Description: The Radically Curly® “curly cut” was created to enhance your natural curl patterns. We believe in creating shapes that flow with your natural texture, length, and thickness or enhancing areas that need a little lift. The curly-cutting techniques we use are based on your personal needs. We believe that curly hair cannot fit in a 1 size fits all shaping our signature shapes to help guide you on what we feel is best for curl patterns. We take into consideration your texture, curl patterns, head, and face shape, bone structure, and lifestyle. We ask that you come to your appointment with your hair styled curly. Day 1-2 hair is perfect. Detangled and with or without products is okay with us. We will proceed with a consultation about the curly cut then proceed with shaping, shampooing, conditioning, and styling your hair naturally curly.

  • Express Cut


    Time: 30-60 mins

    Description: The express cut is a Radically Curly® cut but without shampoo, conditioning, or styling. We ask that you come to the appointment with your hair clean and styled naturally curly. 1-2 styling products are okay in the hair. This curly cut will be customized based on your needs and is perfect for the person on the go who does not need their hair washed, conditioned, or styled.

  • Bang Trim


    Time: 5-10 mins

    Description: Put down the scissors! We will trim your bangs for you.

Curly Styling Experiences

  • Color Consultation


  • Wash and Diffuse Curly


    Time: 60 mins

    Description: We shampoo and deep condition and style based on how you want your hair to feel in its natural texture. Your hair is diffused dry for volume or set under a hooded dryer for definition and less shrinkage of the curl.

  • Two Strand Twist


    Time: up to 2.5 hours

    Description: Natural hairstyle with your natural hair only. Two-strand twist-ins and set dry or two-strand twists with perm rods for damaged curls. Does not include braided styles or feed-in braids check our braiding menu.

  • Blow Out Curly To Smooth


    Time: up to 2 hours

    Description: We take your hair from naturally curly to smooth. We shampoo, deep condition, and blow out your curls. If you want a light amount of heat with the flat iron we will do 1-2 passes or curl your hair.

  • Natural Hair Set with 2 strand twist


NBR Hair Extensions

  • NBR Phone consultation + deposit


Bridal & Special Occasion Hair

  • Bridal or Special Occasion Hair (Out of Salon)


Curly Hair Treatments

  • Curly 911


    Time: 90 mins

    Description: This is perfect for you if your hair needs a reset. Maybe you have neglected your hair and tried everything and it's not bouncing back. Perhaps your scalp is dry and flaking, or your hair is dull and brittle and not thriving. We will create the best Curlscription® and treatments for you. The curly cut is not included.

  • Curly Love


    Time: 90-120 mins

    Description: Curly Love includes our Radically Curly® Cut and a Curly 911 treatment. This is a total reset for your curls. Includes a Curlscription® based on your hair and scalp needs. A complete detox will be done to remove buildup from products, minerals, and hard water. Your curls will be radically revived and bounce back and feel loved.

Braiding Experiences

Braids with Giana

  • Bohemian Jumbo Box Braids with Giana


  • Jumbo knotless Braids with Giana


  • Jumbo box braids with Giana


  • Jumbo lemonade braids with Giana


  • Jumbo Tribal Braids with or without curly ends by Giana


  • 2 Braided Curly Pony Tails with Giana


  • 2 Braided bubble pony tails by Giana


  • Sleek ponytail straight, wavy or curly hair by Giana


  • Sleek Bubble Pony Tail with Giana


  • "Pop Smoke" Feed in braids with Giana


  • 4 Feed in customized straight back braids with Giana


  • Custom braided pony with Giana


  • 2 Braids straight back full head in with Giana


  • Partial Braids on top of head into a Bun with designs with Giana


  • 2 Braids with feed-in hair with Giana


Braids with Trelisha

  • Large Box Braids with Trelisha


  • Jumbo Feed-In Braids with Trelisha


  • Jumbo Box Braids with Trelisha


  • Medium Box Braids with Trelisha


  • Small Box Braids with Trelisha


  • Large Twists with add in hair with Trelisha


  • Crochet Braids Pre-looped with Trelisha


  • Tribal braids with Trelisha


  • Goddess Faux Locs with Trelisha


  • Passion Twists (Large) with Trelisha


  • Passion Twists (Small) with Trelisha


  • Small KNOTLESS Braids


  • Medium KNOTLESS Braids


  • Large KNOTLESS Braids


  • Jumbo KNOTLESS Braids


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We Rock The Fabric Of Your Hair

We understand the care and attention that is needed for naturally curly hair to flourish. People have traveled from all over the country for our services and we strive to meet their expectations. We pride ourselves on providing world-class experiences that are catered to your needs!

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